Palmerston, ON

About Trusscore

Maximize your yield with highly reflective and hygienic Trusscore wall and ceiling panels. Cannabis grow, cultivation, and extraction facilities are demanding environments with strict requirements. Choosing bright, hygienic wall and ceiling panels that are durable enough to stand the test of time is key to maximizing flower yield and the productivity and lifetime of a facility operations.

Trusscore wall and ceiling panels are built to last. No other product combines the strength, brightness, ease of install, cleanability, safety, and performance in humid, harsh environments. Because of this, Trusscore products are a cost-effective solution and used by some of the top cannabis producers in North America.

Why Trusscore?

• High light reflectivity

• Strong & durable

• Water-resistant

• Easy to clean

• 100% recyclable

• Available in white & gray

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