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  • Tax Planning Services By New Leaf EA Corp Inc

    Many cannabis businesses struggle to increase profits because of tax liabilities. The IRS requires that income be reported from whatever source it stems from. So, even though marijuana is still classified as an illegal substance under federal law, if you sell it, the U.S. government wants their... Read More
  • Tax Problem Resolution By New Leaf EA Corp Inc

    When your business is considered illegal by the federal government you’re bound to run into tax problems. Cannabis businesses like growers, dispensaries, and retailers all fall under Section 280E of the tax code. This classification doesn’t allow for most common credits and deductions that can... Read More
  • The Aries by Fohse By Fohse, Inc.

    640W Home Garden LED Grow Light Our A3i model is the most powerful and efficient commercial LED grow light the world has ever seen. Now re-imagined for the home grow as The Aries Read More
  • The Calyx Jar By Calyx Containers

    Calyx’s eighth glass jar is crafted to show off (and seal in) all qualities of your carefully cultivated product. Protect terpenes and increase your product’s shelf life with our resealable lid and gasket. The Calyx Jar is independently tested through USP 671 Method 5 pharmaceutical packaging... Read More
  • The Sunakin SunGrinder By Sunakin

    No compromise. A perfect grind, every time. No long waiting times - ships within days of your order! Threadless design - Made with top quality Neodymium magnets. Simply pull to open! Longer Lasting Quality. Ultra-Strong cutting teeth made of 7075-T6 'Aircraft' Aluminum for an effortless... Read More
  • Tissue Culture Master Class: Cannabis By Plant Cell Technology

    Join Cannabis Tissue Expert David Critzer and the Plant Cell Technology team for this 4-Day Hands-On Master Class from October 13th to 16th, 2022! For Growers, Dispensary Owners, Enthusiasts, and Much More! The cannabis industry is growing fast, and tissue culture is your solution to keep up... Read More
  • Tubes By Calyx Containers

    Calyx Tubes bring our industry-leading packaging design to prerolls and vape cartridges. Our Tubes have a proprietary water-tight gasket seal and a rounded internal geometry that keeps product fresh for every sesh. These Tubes are Child-Resistant and accessible to those with limited dexterity,... Read More