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  • Smokeout Cannabis RTU Spray Bottle By Veseris

    Easily control and neutralize the unmistakable odor of cannabis with SmokeOut™ Cannabis ready-to-use (RTU) spray. SmokeOut™’s scientifically tested and approved formula completely neutralizes odor molecules caused by unburned or smoked cannabis. SmokeOut™ Cannabis RTU Spray’s patented Vapor... Read More
  • SteriRad Anti-microbial Treatment System for Cannabis By Precision X-Ray, Inc.

    The SteriRad Anti-Microbial X-Ray System is specifically designed to kill pathogenic microbes on harvested cannabis buds and ground plants. This X-ray based decontamination process is the most effective approach to stopping the growth of unwanted microbes on harvested cannabis plants,... Read More
  • SteriRad AutoRoll & Drum By Precision X-Ray, Inc.

    AutoRoll slowly and gently rolls the drum, filled with cannabis, throughout the x-ray treatment process, providing unmatched dose uniformity and decontamination. Drums securely hold cannabis throughout the treatment process, preserving the integrity of the flower by preventing damage, breaking... Read More
  • Supreme Tissue Culture Grade Agar By Plant Cell Technology

    A polysaccharide complex obtained through bleaching and hot water extraction of agarocytes from the red alga Rhodophyceae. Typical usage rate of 6 - 12 g/L medium. Supreme agar offers greater clarity of plant culture media. Gel Strength: 1050 GM/CM^2 Packaging: 100g, 500g, 1Kg in poly... Read More