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  • Packaging Mockups & Prototypes By PPC PROTOTYPE PACKAGING, LLC

  • Persimilisforce By Veseris

    Beneficial mites for organic farming, specifically for marijuana farms. Persimilisforce Pack TYPE-1LT/BT PP10S Read More
  • Pioneer Ultra High Efficiency Mini Split Heat Pump By Sylvane, Inc

    The perfect cooling & heating solution for your grow room or greenhouse. This Pioneer mini-split is Energy Star-rated for money-saving operation. Read More
  • Plant Preservative Mixture PPM™ By Plant Cell Technology

    What is Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM) ? Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM), is a broad-spectrum biocide/ for plant tissue culture. PPM™ is the ultimate solution to the never-ending struggle against microbial airborne, waterborne and endogenous contamination. --- ABOUT PLANT PRESERVATIVE... Read More
  • POWDERS. By Factory6, Inc.

    All natural hydration-packed powdered beverage supplements with options for immunity boosters, daily vitamins, herbal supplements, CBD, pre-workouts, BCAAs and special function-focused ingredients of your choice. Supplement powder drink products help you niche down on your customer base for the... Read More
  • PRI-600 Pre-Roll Infusion Machine By Credence Engineering Inc.

    Coming Fall 2022! Our pre-roll infusion machine distributes the concentrate down the center of the pre-roll. For operators to ensure the product meets spec, the machine will include a digital scale and infrared camera. 600+ pre-rolls can be infused per hour. This machine also has the... Read More
  • Priva Connext By Priva

    Whatever crops you grow, having an influence over and an insight into the processes involved in your business is paramount to the business itself, and the crops. To guarantee success and create continuity, it is important to provide the ideal growing conditions for your crop. The Priva Connext... Read More
  • Priva Operator By Priva

    Priva Operator is the online application that enables you to access your greenhouse data and settings from any smart device, in real-time. It is the most comprehensive cloud-based web application in the Priva Connected package. With Operator, you can monitor and manage your greenhouse remotely... Read More
  • Priva Process Control By Priva

    Control your horticulture processes the way you want. We provide different types of process computers to automate your (tunnel) greenhouse processes. So whether you are a horticultural entrepreneur with a high-tech closed greenhouse system, a farmer with a simple but effective solar greenhouse... Read More
  • Professional Services for Banking & Retail By Avivatech

    The seamless and fast execution of growth initiatives is key to your success. Let our solution experts accelerate your journey to exceptional customer experiences and stronger profitability. Whether it's retail automation or branch transformation — we've got you covered. Read More
  • Protection Plus By Environmental Plant Management (EPM)

    Protection Plus is a high-performance, eco-friendly, insecticide, miticide, and fungicide that boasts unmatched industry kill rates of pests including 100% whiteflies, 98.87% aphids and control of powdery mildew with the first application. As a water-based alternative to harsh chemicals,... Read More
  • Public Relations (PR), Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Creative, Digital, Media Buying, Social Med By Oster and Associates

    Oster and Associates has supported clients in a wide range of industries since 1986. The full-service San Diego-based agency has been helping clients in the cannabis space since 2017. Our services include but are not limited to: public relations (PR), advertising, marketing, branding, creative,... Read More