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CANS, POUCHES, BAGS, CARTONS, CORRUGATE & MORE. CALL ARNE @ 414-736-2652 OR [email protected] Read more »

By Accountabis Advisors

Payables and Receivables Discover what it means to truly chill out with Accountabis Advisors’ full suite of services for your cannabusiness. Payables represent accounts that cannabis businesses are obligated to pay. This may include suppliers, loans, and other financial dues. Receivables represent accounts of which... Read more »

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By Paragon Payroll

Payroll & HR Solutions for the Cannabis Industry Our MRB-compliant banking partner means you get a peaceful payroll experience. No more worrying about getting the boot just because you're in the Cannabis industry. We've got specific experience serving the Cannabis industry (since 2016), and we've been in business for 12+ years. Paragon... Read more »

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By Accountabis Advisors

Payroll Processing and Management Discover what it means to truly chill out with Accountabis Advisors’ full suite of services for your cannabusiness. Payroll Processing and Management Services Payroll is an extensive task that requires the calculation of several aspects of employee financial information. This is a job that is... Read more »

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The AIRBOX Peak Series S is a powerful air purifier designed specifically for the cannabis industry, with a focus on maintaining optimal air quality in cultivation and manufacturing facilities. Equipped with clean room technology, the Peak Series S offers a multi-stage filtration system that... Read more »

By ShutterSecure Cannabis by QMI Security Solutions

Perforated Shutters Perforated aluminum shutters provide security with visibility. The shutter is designed to allow customers to view the storefront or merchandise while keeping burglars out. Read more »

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By Veseris

Beneficial mites for organic farming, specifically for marijuana farms. Persimilisforce Pack TYPE-1LT/BT PP10S Read more »

By Verder Scientific Inc

Pf460 The PF460 has been specially designed for the drying and decarboxylation of cannabis for the pharmaceutical industry and is capable of operating up to 200°C. This range allows the customer to switch between optimum temperatures for both drying and decarboxylation processes. The oven features two... Read more »

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By Bankcard International Group

B.I.G. offers the dispensary and delivery operations the only truly compliant card payment option, True PIN Debit. Our true PIN Debit provides legitimate payment processing with a transparent cannabis merchant account as well as full bank and processor disclosure.  Our cannabis merchant... Read more »

By Sylvane, Inc

The perfect cooling & heating solution for your grow room or greenhouse. This Pioneer mini-split is Energy Star-rated for money-saving operation. Read more »

By Plant Cell Technology

What is Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM) ? Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM), is a broad-spectrum biocide/ for plant tissue culture. PPM™ is the ultimate solution to the never-ending struggle against microbial airborne, waterborne and endogenous contamination. --- ABOUT PLANT PRESERVATIVE... Read more »

By Mr Text

Platinum Plan $5000 Get 200,000 SMS $0.025 Per Text After 160 Character Limit Auto Responders Free Incoming Text Dedicated Number Read more »

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By Bavis Fabacraft

Built with longevity in mind, Bavis Pneumatic Tube Systems are ideal for dispensaries, banks, pharmacies, government facilities and a variety of other applications. Read more »

By Meadow

Sell More with The Most Powerful Cannabis POS System - Unlock a complete set of revenue streams with Meadow's connected cannabis POS system. From one simple-to-use platform, you can make in-store sales and accept orders online, for pick-up, and delivery. This omnichannel sales solution makes it... Read more »

By Factory6, Inc.

All natural hydration-packed powdered beverage supplements with options for immunity boosters, daily vitamins, herbal supplements, CBD, pre-workouts, BCAAs and special function-focused ingredients of your choice. Supplement powder drink products help you niche down on your customer base for the... Read more »


- Pre Project Services (Understand your margins before operations begin) - CFD Modelling (Optimization with no uncertainty) - Climate Modelling (Know before you grow) - Detailed Design (Walk your facility before a shovel hits the ground) - RFP Process (Your money, spent wisely) - Project... Read more »

By Bavis Fabacraft

Your window, your way. That’s the beauty of Bavis’ Premium Window. From trim options, including color, to shades and more, you can configure your Premium Window to meet the needs of your business. All of our windows are UL-listed, come standard with level-1 bullet-resistant glass, and ship fully... Read more »

By Buffalo Cannabis Advisors

Are you looking to sell or exit your business and want to maximize its value? Our team is here to help! We provide strategic pre-sale advisory services to help you successfully transition your company. Our services include developing an exit strategy, conducting due diligence, and negotiating... Read more »

By Credence Engineering Inc.

Coming Fall 2022! Our pre-roll infusion machine distributes the concentrate down the center of the pre-roll. For operators to ensure the product meets spec, the machine will include a digital scale and infrared camera. 600+ pre-rolls can be infused per hour. This machine also has the... Read more »

By Priva

Whatever crops you grow, having an influence over and an insight into the processes involved in your business is paramount to the business itself, and the crops. To guarantee success and create continuity, it is important to provide the ideal growing conditions for your crop. The Priva Connext... Read more »

By Priva

Priva Operator is the online application that enables you to access your greenhouse data and settings from any smart device, in real-time. It is the most comprehensive cloud-based web application in the Priva Connected package. With Operator, you can monitor and manage your greenhouse remotely... Read more »

By Priva

Control your horticulture processes the way you want. We provide different types of process computers to automate your (tunnel) greenhouse processes. So whether you are a horticultural entrepreneur with a high-tech closed greenhouse system, a farmer with a simple but effective solar greenhouse... Read more »

By Mr Text

PRO Plan $1000 Get 33,333 SMS $0.03 Per Text After 160 Character Limit Auto Responders Free Incoming Text Dedicated Number Read more »

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By Miller's Insurance Group

Product Liability Coverage Does Your Cannabis Business Need a Product Liability Policy That Protects from Defects? Product Liability applies in the event of a product defect that causes injury, as well as property damage where a business could be held liable for damages resulting from a defect in its products. This can... Read more »

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By Environmental Plant Management (EPM)

Protection Plus is a high-performance, eco-friendly, insecticide, miticide, and fungicide that boasts unmatched industry kill rates of pests including 100% whiteflies, 98.87% aphids and control of powdery mildew with the first application. As a water-based alternative to harsh chemicals,... Read more »

By Oster and Associates

Oster and Associates has supported clients in a wide range of industries since 1986. The full-service San Diego-based agency has been helping clients in the cannabis space since 2017. Our services include but are not limited to: public relations (PR), advertising, marketing, branding, creative,... Read more »

By Puff Pull Pass

Even before there was a pandemic, being handed a “wet” or less than perfect sanitary cone has been an issue. There is always something that slows or stops the enjoyment of sharing a cone with friends, fam or strangers. The solution is PuffPullPass! Imagine a world where you have a “fresh” mouth... Read more »

By PURE Biologix CBD

Pure Cannabis derived Terpenes ! Tastes Just like the Flower !! Just the Flowers Pure Essence packed with 100+ major & minor Terpenes, Flavonoids and other compounds that give the Flower its unique character. Available easy ordering from website! Read more »

By Custom Hydro

PureCal calcium nitrate fertilizer, 13-0-0 with 18% calcium. Highly pure, white, very fine crystals. Easily and totally soluble in water. This product consists of calcium nitrate with 25% water of crystallization. All nitrogen is in the nitrate form. It contains no ammonium (NH4) nitrogen. one... Read more »