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  • iLiving Shutter Exhaust Fan By Sylvane, Inc

    This iLiving Exhaust Fan will keep your grow room properly ventilated so that your plants can receive adequate fresh air. Read More
  • Illumina By Specgrade LED

    The Illumina-24 provides just the right amount of photons without stressing fragile seedlings and clones. 150-degrees of photon output combined with the 0-10V dimming feature you are able to balance the light intensity while aiming the photons to ensure an even blanket of light resulting in... Read More
  • Indoor LED Grow Lights By Agrify

    Agrify high-performance indoor LED grow lights deliver superior light distribution with unparalleled efficiency and precise spectrum control. Read More
  • Innovative Graphic Design By ThrivePOP

    Maybe your marketing materials need a facelift? Let us create beautiful graphic design pieces that align with your comprehensive web and marketing strategy. From landing pages to websites, large format printing, logos and more! Contact us today for a free design consultation. Read More