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  • Facility Design & Construction By Agrify

    Ensure efficiency and productivity with our hassle-free turn-key solution – from architectural design, engineering, and construction to integrated grow solutions. Read More
  • Far Red & UV Supplemental Wavelength Tubes By Specgrade LED

    Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, the UV and Far Red supplemental wavelength tubes weigh less than 2 lbs with a rotatable 150 degrees of photon output for directed lighting. Compatible with 0-10V dimmers and daisy-chainable separately from top lighting for easy control. These... Read More
  • Flora By Specgrade LED

    SpecGrade's Flora Series is the perfect LED sole-source solution for micro greens, leafy vegetables, and vegging cannabis. Lower intensity levels together with 0-10V dimming provide cultivators the ability to reduce operating costs and improve their horticulture environment. To minimize stress... Read More
  • Fohse A3i By Fohse, Inc.

    Fohse A3i, the Best Grow Lights in the Market. 1500W Industrial LED Grow Light Designed for unbelievable yields in high bay, single level environments. Patent pending. Read More