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  • Beverages, Cannabis and The CANNALAND Metaverse Project By InterContinental Beverage Capital

    CANNALAND...THE WORLD’S FIRST, DEDICATED PLACE WHERE CANNABIS ENTHUSIASTS AND THE “CANNA-CURIOUS” COME TOGETHER AS A “COMMUNITY OF ONE” FOR ALL THINGS CANNABIS...IN THE METAVERSE. CANNALAND is a unique platform that will enable worldwide businesses to operate virtually within one domain without... Read More
  • Bio-520 By Phenofire Consulting

    Bio520 is a natural product that biologically enhances and supports agriculture to optimize all aspects of the growing cycle. Depleted soil, man-made chemicals, water scarcity and profit seeking have changed the way plants in today’s marketplace are commonly grown. Not unlike industrial... Read More
  • Bio-Nit ; Biodegradable Nitrile Glove By American Protective Products

    Nitrile technology has become a vital contribution to the world’s safety, offering a practical alternative to individuals with latex sensitivity while providing uncompromising protection. With the rapid growth of industries and increased usage from the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 300... Read More