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Future #1 (Click to enlarge image) Future #1 Is recognized as the most potent strain ever created, with independent laboratories confirming a record-breaking THC content higher than was previously thought to be possible!
There are a number of high-potency cannabis strains available these days that boast upwards of 30% THC content. However, these still remain quite rare and the selection offered by most operating seedbanks is minimal. Anesia Seedbank is a welcome exception to this rule, and a number of its varieties are ranked as some of the strongest cannabis strains in the world.

Anesia Seedbank’s most recent offering, Future #1, has been shown in multiple lab tests to have a THC content of a staggering 37%! This is an achievement that until now would have been considered impossible by most breeders, as even the most potent strains don’t exceed 35% THC. But with a huge amount of work and extensive experience in breeding high-potency strains, Anesia Seedbank has successfully taken up the challenge, and future #1 is the result!

The revolutionary Future # 1 is a powerful combination of a carefully selected ‘Starfighter F2’ (a sweet but potent Indica-dominant hybrid), with Anesia Seedbank’s most potent strain ‘Original Glue’ (a popular, pungent strain formerly known as ‘Gorilla Glue #4’). These two strains synthesize perfectly in Future #1, pushing the development of high-potency strains beyond all previously defined limits and altering the high-THC landscape forever.

Its super high THC content is just one of its many exceptional traits; it also packs an impressive terpene profile with a wide range of secondary cannabinoids. Anesia seed bank have also worked carefully to breed not only high potency but also a powerful aroma into this strain. The main body of Future #1 is a strong pineapple scent combined with a varied and broad citrus aroma, overlaid with a strong touch of mango. The effect is further supported by the high proportions of myrcene, limonene, and enterodiol present in this strain, which in turn lend Future #1 its phenomenal sweet and fruity flavour.

The high is rapid and energetic with a stimulating and euphoric effect that simultaneously enhances the senses and relaxes the mind. This super-potent hybrid powerhouse gives an uplifting, weightless high with a psychedelic and mood-enhancing edge. Future #1 cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking to find deeper, more creative highs. It is perfect for creativity, relaxation and general leisure time, making it generally less suitable for tasks that require more focus and attention. Its potency should not be underestimated, and any beginners brave enough to partake would do well to exercise some caution!

Future #1 flowers at an impressive rate and bulks up to exceptional size and density. She gladly develops enormous frosty reservoirs of sticky resin at a rate that is sure to please even the most demanding connoisseur. Its 500g/m2 indoor yield and 1kg/plant outdoor yield ensure its viability as a reliab

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