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About Boulderlamp, Inc

BoulderLamp was founded by Fazle Quazi in Boulder, Colorado in 2007 to build groundbreaking, energy-efficient lighting products. Fazle, a physicist and an electrical engineer, has developed, and continues to maintain, a large US and international patent portfolio in the fields of industrial and horticultural lighting, gas discharge sputtering, power electronics, and energy generation.

We will be exhibiting the Moonwalker, our new, patented anti-mold LED grow light which features a sequential moving beam to achieve the most powerful output on the market allowing growers to increase yields and reduce energy usage.

Boulderlamp PerfectPar‚ MoonWalker LED Grow Light†is†the first and only LED grow light with patented †integrated Pest-Mold-Free Cultivation Technology. This light is designed to increase yields and crop quality while preventing mold and pests such as Spider Mites in your grow.

The MoonWalker paired with a user friendly programmable light controller provides an unprecedented level of control over photosynthetic lighting for the commercial cultivator. A periodic light beam, which is made of 60% full-spectrum white light and 40% 405nm purple and UVA antimicrobial lights, sequentially moves between light bars delivering an intense light on the top, middle, and side of canopy for maximum yields with less energy:

- The light beam is made of 60% full-spectrum white light and 40% 405nm purple
and UVA antimicrobial lights.
- This beam moves sequentially between light bars and delivers an intense light on the top, middle, and side of canopy for maximum yields.
- This combo full-spectrum and antimicrobial intense light beam, as it periodically
moves throughout the grow, creates a hostile environment for
pests and mold.
- The antimicrobial light spectrum is also high in photosynthesis efficiency and
since it contains UVA, in addition to pests and mold control, the antimicrobial
light contributes in plant growth and quality of crops such as increased
terpene and cannabinoid levels.
- The 405nm LEDs in the antimicrobial light beam also delivers the highly sought-
after blue-purple light in the final stages of flowering.

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