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About Ai-RGUS

For failing security cameras, stretched budgets to maintain them, and general staff shortages, there now is a solution on the market. It was developed at Duke University out of a need they had because they couldn't find any solution on the market. They wanted to be sure that all their cameras in their system were working well, don't have blind spots, and that they are always recording usable evidence.

These malfunctions are not necessarily because they are using an older camera. Malfunctions can be due to malicious activity. For example, someone could turn the camera by a few inches and create a blind spot. An inmate may throw trash or chewed up toilet paper on the camera, obstructing the view. Sometimes, it might be a tree branch that grows in front of the camera and blocks a part of the view. It could even be a spider making its web and blocking or scratching the lens, diffracting the infra-red light and blurring the nighttime view. These are problems that anyone with security cameras faces and until now there was no solution to that except people manually reviewing that each camera in the system is recording and has the right view. This is a tedious job, difficult to audit the accuracy of the checks. Organizations and companies need to be made aware that a solution exists for this difficult problem!

Ai-RGUS is an artificial intelligence 100%-software solution that makes security camera system maintenance easy. Initially developed to manage Duke University’s 2000+ camera system and now deployed in all 50 US states, Canada, and abroad, it automatically alerts of any problems, including cameras down/unclear views, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and automatically alerts the security team otherwise. When you buy a security camera system you expect it to work when you need it and to have evidence after any incidents. Ai-RGUS enables you to be proactive about maintenance. You can see more about our company at

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