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Lotus Nanobubble Generator

Lotus Nanobubble Generator

Available from Moleaer

Improve irrigation water to promote optimum plant growth and reduce inputs with Moleaer’s Lotus patented nanobubble generator, a highly efficient gas-injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates irrigation water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO).... Read More

Aeropay for Business

Aeropay for Business

Available from Aeropay

Give Your Customers the Freedom to Spend. Take your business to the next level with contactless, digital bank-to-bank payments. Aeropay can help you grow your business and keep customers coming back for more. Read More

Solid Shutters

Solid Shutters

Available from ShutterSecure Cannabis by QMI Security Solutions

Solid aluminum security shutters create a visual and physical security barrier to protect your business against intruders and extreme weather. When rolling shutters are in the closed position, they are virtually indestructible. When the store is open, the rolling shutters disappear into a... Read More

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Ebook for CEO

Available from New Leaf EA Corp Inc

This ebook will give CEO's some information on what you need to hire the right professional and know what to expect from your accounting team. Read more

Is An Exit Strategy Your Ultimate Objective? Do...

Available from Buffalo Cannabis Advisors

The opportunity for an exit strategy in the cannabis industry is bountiful given the mass mergers and consolidations as the industry resettles after last year’s uneventful national legislative... Read more

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service in 2023

Available from Paybotic Financial

Since California passed a law allowing for the sale and medical use of marijuana back in 1996, many states have decriminalized cannabis, passing legislation that permits the sale, possession,... Read more

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Top Cannabis Industry Companies


Since 2011, IndicaOnline dispensary software and services has been purpose-built with any size business in mind. From sales, to compliance, to expenses and analytics, we strive to streamline and simplify dispensary operations. We develop innovative dispensary management tools for thousands of... Read More


Abaca is the comprehensive cannabis banking and financial platform. We provide compliant bank accounts, treasury management, payments, and other financial services to cannabis companies across the country through proprietary technology and proven partnerships. Read More

Berlin Packaging

We Supply Plastic, Glass, and Metal Containers, Closures, and Dispensing Systems to Customers of All Types. Read More

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