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Available from CannaBI by Dimensional Insight

CannaBI is built on award-winning technology from Dimensional Insight, the analytics leader in several industries, including beverage alcohol, and rated #1 in several customer surveys. Read More

Online Training Programs

Online Training Programs

Available from iComply

iComply offers online compliance training programs for the cannabis industry to help businesses stay up-to-date with state and federal regulations. These programs are designed to ensure that all staff are informed of their state-specific rules and regulations, enabling them to make compliant... Read More

CDS-24 Drying System

CDS-24 Drying System

Available from Cann Drying Systems LLC

Bring Drying to The Next Step One of our mid-sized systems, the CDS-24, can remove up to 24 lbs of water per hour. The CDS-24’s chamber configuration comes in 8 or 18 rack options. The 8 rack chamber can dry up to 440 lbs (200 kg) of flower or extraction material, while the 18 rack chamber gives... Read More

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Elevating the HR Conversation in the Cannabis...

Available from Paragon Payroll

I recently attended our first virtual tradeshow hosted by MJUnpacked. It was an interesting experience that I wasn’t sure was going to give us enough “bang for our buck”. I was wrong. The format of the show allowed us, the exhibitors, to participate in the sessions the show offered. It was a... Read more

Mile Highlights - Winning with People 1st (Part...

Available from GRN Mile High

Hint: it is not your brand; it is not your product; it is not your location or geography; it is not even your price...the most valuable asset to ANY organization are its team members! Throughout this (brief but valuable & actionable) 3-part article, we will unpack why these initiatives are... Read more

Are Your Cannabis Products More Potent Than Allowed?

Available from Miller's Insurance Group

Potency is a serious liability for the cannabis industry, especially if your product labeling is incorrect and the dosage turns out to be under – or over – inflated. Read more

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Top Cannabis Industry Companies

Dalemark Industries Inc

Dalemark Industries, Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer, distributor and integrator of a broad line of Product Identification Systems and Accessories including Coding, Printing, Product Handling and Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems for various product manufacturing industries. Our... Read More


Abaca is the comprehensive cannabis banking and financial platform. We provide compliant bank accounts, treasury management, payments, and other financial services to cannabis companies across the country through proprietary technology and proven partnerships. Read More

Berlin Packaging

We Supply Plastic, Glass, and Metal Containers, Closures, and Dispensing Systems to Customers of All Types. Read More

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